What is Water Hammer?

Water hammer is a common occurrence that can be easily identified by its characteristic noise. The sound is not the final effect of water hammer in your home, but just an indication to what may happen in certain cases when this force strikes against pipes containing liquid at different speeds or pressures spikes – primarily steam systems found on heating networks for example which use large quantities per minute and have many small tubes branching off into smaller ones as demand increases; some damage may occur.
This phenomenon causes equipment such us flow meters installed close together within individual pipelines throughout your entire building’s HVAC system if it isn’t protected properly from these impacts!

Water hammer is a common plumbing problem which can be very annoying. Water hammer is that loud banging noise that occurs when you turn a tap off or when a washing machine or dishwasher is in use. If left un-addressed it can cause major issues such as pipe collapse. Here at Adelaide Professional Plumbing we have the best water hammer solutions to help reduce, stop water hammer and eliminate the effects of water hammer before it turns into a major issue.

What Causes Water Hammer?

You’ve probably experienced the feeling of hearing a tapping sound, followed by water rushing into your plumbing pipe when you turn off an faucet. This is usually caused by high excessive pressure, high water pressure or high pressure regulators in mains systems and can be attributed to:

Loose Pipes

The pipes that causes water leak in your home are crucial to its function. If they aren’t secured correctly, even the mildest shockwave can create loud bangs and vibrations that will damage everything around them! So make sure you fix these leaks,

before it is too late for repairs or replacements- there might be more than just acoustic problems at stake here with hidden underground pipelines running beneath floorboards etcetera.

Worn Stop Valves

The hammering may also be caused by worn stop valves, shutoff valves, close valves and improper installation of hot water system. Better check valves since these stop valves can cause water to bang against pipes due the loose gland packing and/or washers being too thin, which lets in the air during pumping cycles making it harder for that pressure wave (the ‘haptic’) to travel through your plumbing or water system without pause at each obstruction before moving onto next section further along its route- like when you flush a toilet or turn on kitchen sink faucet during low water flowing situation.

Clogged Air Chambers

You may never have experienced water hammer before, but it’s possible that you could be experiencing this. If the air chamber in your home’s plumbing system become blocked with mineral buildup or debris due to hardwater-related problems

Water Hammer Fix by Plumbing Experts in Adelaide

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