Leaking toilets are one of the most annoying household problems,  in which you can do a DIY or watch

howto videos however for common cause for this problem. It  is when water draining  in toilet that leaks out into your sink or bathtub because there’s a tiny hole in its tank water where it pours continuously without stopping until you fix something to stop it with duct tape!

Your toilet is one of the most important plumbing fixtures in your home or place of work and is prone to leaks. Here at Adelaide Professional Plumbing we can tailor a solution to fix the problem which will  suit your budget. Whether it be replacing the internal workings of your cistern or replacing your toilet suite to give an updated look with modern features.

Fix Leaking Toilets in Adelaide


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What You need to Know about Common Toilet Leak

If you experienced any toilet leaks, shutting off the water won’t do any work. Because most common toilet leaking and often hardest to detect is caused by a deteriorating or defective flush valve (toilet flapper / fill valves) ball at the bottom of your tank and bowl or a bad

toilet fill valve. Because If you don’t seat it properly, water will leak around into your  toilet bowl! The second most common type of toilet leak is caused by an improperly adjusted or broken fill (ballcock valve). If the float is set too high and if your shut-off valve fails to close completely, water will continue entering into your tank and flowing down its overflow tube
This may lead not only wasted time but also cause other problems such as wastewater backup into household pipes!

FAQ’s from most of our Clients


What causes a leaky toilet?

Aside from an overflow tube, unresponsive float ball but the most likely cause is that the wax ring around the closet flange is leaking or the most common cause of a leaking toilet tank is when the flapper fails to seat properly and form a tight seal against its valve seat within it. As water leaks out from inside, into bowl below when flushing the toilet with every pour; this continuous flow wastes gallons upon end-as well as any time spent doing dishes or laundry!
The fix? You need to replace the wax ring or simply tighten up toilet flush valve or these four simple screws before replacing your old rubber gasket (or putting in that new set). With them tightened down tight all will be right again: no more wasted resources save yourself some stress by squeezing those

How much does it cost to fix leaking toilet?

The national average price to repair a leaky toilet is $18.55 per unit, with ranges between 17-19 cents in either direction depending on the materials used and where you live; however this can vary greatly based off what type of job it will take for your individual home’s needs so be sure get an accurate estimate before starting any work! You’re looking at 2 workers (one being the plumber) who are currently making 233 dollars or more than 3 hours worth if time spent on site which may include inspecting another issue we all have dealt within our lifetime – molding behind outlets, replace toilet/ replace boards etc..

Can a loose toilet cause a leak?

A loose toilet can lead to a leak and worse, flood the bathroom floor and soak water on the floor. The leaks will rot wood or create mold problems if they’re not dealt with quickly enough- leading eventually for costly repair bills that could have been avoided had this issue been addressed in time!

What would cause a toilet to leak at the base?

Running toilet or having any toilet that is leaking from the base, but why? The most likely cause of this problem can be traced back to a failed seal or not working toilet flange . Listen closely for gurgling or dripping sounds when stooling and flush immediately if you hear them! Check all pipes that go into your water closet as well- make sure they’re not kinked or loose before giving up on fixing it yourself (you’ll only get frustrated).