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Professional kitchen renovations in Adelaide are well within your reach. We, Adelaide Professional Plumbing Pty Ltd, pride ourselves on the beautiful custom kitchens we help bring to life. We are confident that we can help you achieve whatever custom designed kitchen you are aiming for, while also adhering to your preferred style and budget.

We are a family owned company in Adelaide South Australia, also specialising in laundry renovations, bathroom renovations, and other home renovations and home extensions projects, helping you add extra value to your home.

Kitchen in Adelaide remodelling jobs usually add up to about $60,000- $70,000, with the more expensive kitchen renovations costing up to $130,000. This process ends up being so costly due to the installation of new cabinetry, hardware, ventilation, and appliances. Of course, you can save a fair bit of money if you decide to renovate your kitchen by yourself. However, while you may be paying less at first, this may end up costing more if you make a major mistake – so, it’s worth considering splitting up the job and doing only the bits you feel comfortable with. Otherwise, stick with a kitchen renovations expert and hire services for plumbing and electrical jobs.

Your first step should be deciding on a budget, which will differ depending on what dream kitchen design you’re going for and if you’re planning on renovating your whole kitchen or just a section of it. If you’re looking for kitchen designs (Adelaide) ideas, you should consider checking out some kitchen showrooms – especially if you’re thinking of a major project like designing an outdoor kitchen.  (Showrooms can also be a great source of ideas if you are looking for bathroom design or bathroom laundry designs.)

Once you have decided on an appropriate budget, you can get to finalising your design ideas. It’s best to look at other kitchens in Adelaide for some inspiration, or at photos online for ideas on your walls and floor options. Compass Kitchens, a kitchen company, can provide many custom built services and products that you may find beneficial for your renovations from start to finish.

How to DIY kitchen renovations in Adelaide

Your first step should be deciding on your budget – then, you can choose the design you’ll be aiming for (as mentioned earlier). Afterwards, you need to start considering the safety risks that may come with your renovations. As you renovate, you must always be prioritising the safety of any contractors, household members, and friends that may be involved in the process.

To ensure this process runs smoothly and safely, you need to remember to turn off water and power before beginning. You’ll also need to wear protective gear, which may include items such as eye protection, heavy-duty shoes, and gloves. It’ll be worthwhile to buy or rent proper tools such as a cordless screwdriver or cordless drill if you do not have these already. Consulting your trusted Adelaide’s kitchen professionals for tasks that you are unsure about is also a good idea.

Once you have taken these safety considerations into account, you can begin creating your project plan. Do not order any new appliances or start removing them until you know exactly what you’ll be replacing them with or where you’ll be moving them to. Creating a detailed plan gives you the opportunity to design your dream kitchen that also sticks to your budget, also allowing you to figure out what tasks you’ll be able to do yourself.

Now that your plan is all sorted, you can begin prepping your kitchen. Start by stripping away your old flooring, removing old worn-down cabinets, and moving out any other pieces of furniture that may be in the way. It may be worthwhile to consider grabbing a large dumpster for all the construction waste you’ll be removing.

Once your kitchen is prepped, you can start on any foundation or framing work that needs to be finished off. Now, you’re up to the plumbing and electrical bit. This is the best time to be sorting out your plumbing and electrical jobs as your area should be clear and easy to work with. The inner workings of your walls should be easy to get to, making it much easier to deal with wires and pipes. However, keep in mind that you should call a licensed professional to help you with some areas. Even if you’re keen to do all the renovations by yourself, the household electrical voltage can be quite high and has the potential to seriously injure you or up the costs of your kitchen renovations by a lot.

After you’ve sorted out your plumbing and electrical needs, you’ll need to attend to your plasterboards. Before beginning this process, ensure you have measured precisely and have enough material to cover all the ceiling and walls – and that you have all the necessary tools.

Now, the exciting bit – painting your walls! This is the stage you’ll be seeing your project taking the shape and form you’ve been imagining all this time. The painting should be one of the easiest parts of your renovation process. Painting is fairly straightforward as, if you make a mistake, you can always cover it up! As this is a trial-and-error process, don’t worry about any of the small details until you get to the final coat.

Once you’ve finished painting, your next move is to install cabinets and flooring. There is much controversy on whether you should install your cabinets or flooring first; however, it’s truly up to you. Usually, many go with installing flooring first as this gives off a nice and finished clean look. Just remember that delivery of cabinets or flooring can take weeks or even months, depending on where you’re ordering from – so make sure to always factor this in.

Once your cabinets and flooring have been installed, you can measure for new countertops. Countertops are installed after cabinets are – this is due to how precise your measuring must be. At this stage, your sink can also be added in. The way you install these few appliances largely depends on the material they are made of. Laminate appliances are much more DIY-friendly – however, granite and similar materials can be difficult to install, so choose your materials depending on your skill level.

Now, you’re ready to install the kitchen splashbacks or backsplash, depending on the design you’re going for. This is quite a functional piece of your remodelling and can really make your design classy depending on how you utilise it. If you’re adding in a backsplash, you’ll need to pick up the necessary supplies that include mortar, tile, and grout. Grout is a necessary step in all jobs, as this prevents moisture from entering the substrate, keeping these tile lines even and straight. This also prevents them from rubbing or cracking against each other.

You can now set up your dishwasher, refrigerator, and any additional appliances that you have not yet installed. Afterwards, most of your work is done! Right now, you should call an electrician or plumber to check over all your installed appliances (if you haven’t already). An electrician will be able to verify the installation of your new gas stove – and a plumber can connect your sink to the existing plumbing fixtures.

Tips for conducting your renovations and finding kitchen designs (Adelaide) ideas

When you’re designing your new kitchen, there are a few elements you should specifically consider adding in, like some wide walkways. The walkways or pathways in a kitchen should be at least 90cm wide, or around 100cm wide around the cooking zone. This is to allow you adequate space to cook and move around as you need, so kitchen peninsulas and islands should be adjusted accordingly.

If you can, you should also ensure there is direct traffic in your kitchen, especially if you have children who will be using this kitchen. Cooktops should be kept out of traffic areas so that children don’t grab these or cause any spills when entering the kitchen. Also, making the refrigerator accessible to people cooking and passing by is a small change that can make a huge difference.

You should also try finding a convenient height for the microwave and oven, which can sometimes be more difficult than it sounds. The best location and height for microwaves or ovens usually depends on who will be doing the most cooking and whether there will be any children with access to the kitchen. Most adults find that 35-40cm is a good level for them. However, for kids, it might be easier to do a below-countertop setup.

When designing your kitchen, you’ll also want to consider the countertops. Those who cook more will need a fair bit more counter space, particularly between the sink and stove. If you have a small kitchen and are only looking to prepare simple meals, one countertop should be fine. However, if not, you should consider adding two different countertop heights. These two heights will make baking much easier and will help get the kids involved too.

A second microwave, oven, or refrigerator placed near the end of the kitchen work centre will ensure that visitors and other family members can stay in the kitchen without getting in the way of the cook. Stools next to a bar will be a great addition for family members and visitors to gather to unwind with each other. This will also give the kitchen a much more homely feel.

A storage place for the knives is also an important area to consider, and it is recommended to leave a designated spot for them. Having a spot especially for knives will ensure that these can’t be reached by any children, and it’s much easier to find the knife you need. Knife drawers are great for these purposes, holding knives and their sharp blades in place.

Some great kitchen splashback ideas

When you’re choosing a splashback material, you also need to keep in mind how practical the material of your choice is. The best material for a splashback should be waterproof, easy to clean, and heatproof if there will be a cooker in front of the splashback. No matter what splashback material you settle on, you can still get that aesthetic look you’re aiming for! Splashbacks are perfect for experimenting with different patterns and trends since they are much easier to update than the wall colours.

There is a wide range of different splashback options available for you to choose from – for example, you can get a splashback with a focal pattern. A fun pattern can add some personality to your kitchen, whether you are using laminate or tiles. It’s best to pick a pattern that is in a contrasting colour to the other areas in your kitchen, as this will draw more attention to it.

You could also match your splashback to the work surface. This option will work best with smoother materials like laminate or marble. You can use real marble or a material with a marble effect to add a modern look to your kitchen. For example, if you’re going for a dreamy finish, contrasting a contemporary marble with a bluer shaker styled kitchen will go quite well.

Metro tiles could give you a traditional look, especially if your kitchen is already quite colourful. Such tiles will ensure your splashback is quite simple, avoiding an overwhelming or chaotic look. You could also add these tiles around the whole kitchen to achieve a look that is both practical and stylish.

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Feel stuck? No worries! No matter what your project is, we can get you in touch with bathroom designers and home designers that will be able to suggest some great design ideas.

As well as conducting your kitchen renovations, you might be interested in bathroom renovations in Adelaide – as well as home renovations, home extensions, and many other projects that involve professional plumbing jobs in Adelaide. Whether you are located in the Metropolitan Adelaide or Adelaide Hills – we are always happy to assist!