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Your hot water service is one of the most important appliance in your home. There is nothing worse than having no hot water. Here at Adelaide Professional Plumbing we are available 24/7 to address your needs. We will provide you with a range of solutions to your hot water problem, whether it be an electric hot water service, gas instantaneous or a gas storage unit. We can also provide you with a temporary hot water service until you have decided which solution suits you and also to restore hot water after hours so you are not paying emergency rates.

If you’re in need of a professional and friendly local plumbing service, Adelaide Professional Plumbing is the place to call. We offer the very best plumbing services and solutions for your home or business. We will go the extra mile to ensure you get the best possible solution for your plumbing or gas issue. We take the time to understand your plumbing needs and make sure we give you the best possible options for the task at hand. We guarantee the best possible plumbing services with amazing results from our experienced technicians. We take plumbing in Adelaide very seriously, and take pride in doing our job well. Our team of professional plumbers have many years of experience in the industry. Finding a quality plumber in Adelaide can be a challenge, but the team at Adelaide Professional Plumbing are friendly, affordable, reliable and committed to making sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our plumbing services.

Adelaide Professional Plumbers are here to aid you in any hot water issues that may occur! Our local and qualified plumbers are specially trained to handle an array of hot water problems that might occur within your property. Our emergency plumbers are not fazed by any challenge – so, if your problem is minor or more significant, we will be able to provide an appropriate solution.

If you are experiencing leaking taps, blocked drains, or burst pipes, we are simply a phone call away. Otherwise, we are always able to repair, replace, or newly install equipment to improve your hot water system. It does not matter which type of hot water system your house has installed. Whether it is electric, gas, or solar, we are able to either work with your pre-existing system or install a new one according to your preferences. And, as we are well connected to others, with us you will be able to choose from a wide array of hot water system companies to install in your house. These include:

  •    Aquamax
  •   Bosch 
  •   Chromagen 
  •   Dux
  •   Rheem 
  •   Rinnai 
  •   Stiebel Eltron 
  •   Thermann 
  •    Vulcan 

Our emergency plumbing services can also work with more systematic hot water issues, which can include a heat pump or your water storage tank. These are the types of issues that will most definitely require professional assistance, and we are confident that we can be of help.

If you are experiencing any of the issues listed above, feel free to contact us via a simple phone call or book online. We serve all of the Adelaide metropolitan area and are always ready to help. Before you commit to working with us we can always provide a free quote. Moreover, we always try to adhere to fixed prices whenever possible for the comfort of your mind. Also, we do not charge a call-out fee unless a plumbing emergency has occurred outside of business hours.

In any task that we might do for you, Adelaide Professional Plumbers delivers to a high standard, allowing you to relax knowing that with us quality workmanship is always guaranteed.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water Systems​

An electric hot water system is usually made up of two main parts: a water storage tank and a complimentary electric heating element. The cold water within the storage tank is heated up by the electrical heater – however, it turns off independently after a certain amount of water has reached the optimal temperature. After the stored hot water has been spent within a household, the storage tank will refill by itself, and the heater will turn on to heat the added water. Thus, the cycle will continue, ensuring that you always have hot water available to use.

The size of your hot water tank is adjustable to your household needs and the amount of available space. A typical Australian house consisting of four people usually requires approximately 125-160 litres or a continuous system of 250-315 litres. However, for a modest property with fewer people, it will suffice to install a compact storage tank under a bench or in a cupboard in the laundry.

If you are not looking to install an electric hot water system but would like to repair your existing one instead, we can help with that, too. We are competent in dealing with issues involving a broken electrical heater, faulty thermostat, low water pressure, discoloured water, or anything else that might have happened to your system. We should be able to provide a repairing solution efficiently and quickly – or, otherwise, come up with an alternative replacement and installation plan. All you need to do is either give us a call or book online.

Gas Hot Water

Choosing to install a gas hot water system onto your property?

The majority of Australian households (68%) are switching to a gas hot water system as they are finding gas more efficient and economical than electricity – so the switch positively reflects on their energy bills. Most of the gas hot water systems operate on the basis of continuous flow or are instantaneous (meaning that the gas hot water unit functions on an on-demand system as the gas burner is working only when hot water is needed). We also provide storage systems – but, if you opt for the storage system, the water from your storage tank will automatically heat to the desired temperature until it is used. Afterwards, it refills independently and is heated again until further use.

Additionally, with a gas system, you can choose to either use natural gas or LPG, and the system can be adapted in style and size according to your house layout. Whichever design you choose, a gas hot water system ensures that you have a strong flow of water into every room. Overall, this will allow you to reduce your water costs as well.

If you already have a gas hot water system, it is important to maintain it. As recommended by manufacturers, you should complete a checkup on the unit every five years. Adelaide Professional Plumbers are located within your metropolitan area, allowing us to help you quickly. We can also repair and replace your system if needed. If you are concerned that the pilot light doesn’t ignite or frequently goes out, contact us immediately. Other issues like the water not heating up, tank leaking, or water discolouration are also issues that we can help you with.

Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water​ System
Solar Hot Water​
Installing a solar hot water system in Adelaide is ideal. Due to the local environment, we always have a high proportion of days with sunny weather.

Solar hot water systems offer the new innovative way to run hot water throughout your house and remain environmentally friendly. Don’t be tricked into thinking that environmentally friendly ways perform worse than traditional ones Having a solar hot water system set up is highly effective with a promise of strong flow. Additionally, in the long term, a solar hot water system can prove to be cost-efficient. In the beginning, there may be substantial upfront payments required to install solar panels paired with the solar water storage tank. However, the cost is recuperated over time due to the lower operational costs.  

Installing a solar hot water system will require a professional plumber to install a number of solar panels on your roof – plus, additionally, a solar storage tank which will be located either on the roof or on the ground. The solar panels will convert the sun’s rays into energy which will heat the storage tank’s cold water.

If you are concerned that solar energy is not sufficient enough to power the hot water system for the house, we can help install an additional booster (electric or gas) to power the heat. In such a manner, you are ensuring that your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry are always powered with sufficient supplies of hot water.

Our plumbers are well trained and equipped to handle all the installations. Moreover, we can always complete hot water system repairs and replacements if the situation requires it. If you are experiencing problems with solar panel damage, leakage, or splitting we are qualified to fix it. Or if there are issues with the connector or valve of the storage tank leaking, our emergency plumbers are here to help. While you may be tempted to use cheap plumbing services, it makes more sense to go for both quality and affordability – and we offer just that.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat Pump Hot Water

The way that a heat pump hot water system operates is similar to that of a reverse cycle air conditioner. A heat pump will take the heat from the air outside your property and convert it into energy. This energy is then used to create electricity which is used to heat the water in your storage tank. Although this system works well regardless of the temperature outside, it is common practice to reinforce your heat pump with an electric booster.

Experiencing heat pump issues in your daily life is a disturbance that cannot be overstated. Any interruptions, or faults in your heat pump hot water system are likely to  directly impact how you feel about your regular day-to-day chores. Therefore, organising for an Adelaide Professional Plumber to deliver help is an absolute must-do.

If you are considering installing a heat pump water system on your property, we would support that decision, as the benefits outweigh any drawbacks. Heat pumps are designed to efficiently harness a renewable energy source, and, although they are supported by electricity, they consume substantially less power (approximately 70% less) than an electric water heater. Overall, installing a heat pump will aid you in reducing your running costs.

Emergency Hot Water Plumbing

At Adelaide Professional Plumbers, we also specialise in emergency services. We understand that a hot water system emergency might strike out on any day, at any time. Consequently, your local Adelaide plumbers are always ready to come out and service your hot water unit. We guarantee fast and reliable attendance to any issue you might be facing on your property.  

In any case, we are trained to identify the core issue and be able to offer a repair solution, or replacement and installations services.

Leaking Taps

A leaking tap is a rather simple yet also serious emergency that can happen. If a leaking tap isn’t serviced quickly, then you might be facing a noticeable increase in your water bills. In most cases, a leaking tap is caused by incorrect positioning of equipment (like valves, tapware sitting loosely or not connecting properly, etc.) or old age to the point where the equipment is worn out. However, only your emergency plumber will be able to identify the issue.

Our services are trustable and reliable due to the many years of experience we have within the industry. So, call or book us online to service your emergency hot water issue – and save money in the long term!

Leaking Taps

Blocked Drains or Burst Pipes

Burst Pipes
Blocked drains or burst water pipes are one of those emergency situations where help from a professional plumber is an absolute must-do. Either of these issues can have a lasting impact not only on your finances but also on your everyday chores – and, in some cases, on your health. Our plumbers from Adelaide Professional Plumbers are licensed and prepared with the right training and equipment to handle such tasks. Moreover, we assure you that we will be able to find a resolution that will not cause damage to the property or the nearby pipes.

In the case that you are experiencing blocked drains, we will be able to determine the exact position of the blockage, as well as understand the seriousness of the issue. Going from that we would be able to provide services like drain cleaning, pipe relining, or other suitable solutions to make the necessary fix.

Meanwhile, if you are experiencing a burst water pipe, there are many reasons why such an accident may occur. However, only the plumber on site will be able to identify the true cause. Afterwards, we will be able to complete pipe repairs, replacements, or new installations following your budget.

Gas Fitting and Gas Leaks

If you experience a gas leak in your house, it is a critical situation that will require immediate attendance. Our gas fitters specialise in gas leak detection as a preventative measure, as well as repairing, replacing, and installing gas appliances that are leaking.

If a gas leak occurs on your property, you must follow a series of steps:

  1. Turn off your gas supply.
  2. Open all doors and windows.
  3. Evacuate everyone from the property.
  4. Call an Adelaide Professional Plumber to resolve the issue.

Although many of us already understand that there could be a number of potential reasons for why a gas leak occurred in the first place (like not properly connected pipes), only a professional plumber will be able to safely fix the leak.

Some of the early tell-tale signs include; strong sulphur smell, noises like hissing, pilot colour change or health-related symptoms like headache, dizziness or faintness.  

Therefore, contact us immediately to maintain the safety of everybody nearby – and  to protect your property!