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Renovating your bathroom is a great way to give it a fresh new look! Whether you are going for a traditional look or a neoclassic one, a design consultation with Adelaide bathroom renovation specialists can help you figure out what is possible with your chosen style and budget.

Before beginning your bathroom renovations, you must first consider how much this project will cost you. Most people spend anywhere between $15,000 and $18,000 for full bathroom renovations when they use professional services. If you choose to renovate your bathroom yourself, you can save a fair bit of money. However, keep in mind that, while you are saving money, you are also taking on the responsibility and stress that this job brings with it. If something major does go wrong, the repairs may end up costing you much more than using a professional service in the first place would.

Once you have settled on your budget, your next step is to choose a design. The design you choose should be based on what you like, what design and aesthetic elements will suit the space you are working with, and the budget you have. Also, make sure to stick to the colour scheme you choose to avoid any of the colours clashing. For example, if you plan on using a vivid blue to paint your walls, you would want to avoid using red and bright colours for other areas.

It is also important to consider whether you will be needing any fixtures and fittings, as this may take up a fair bit of your budget. Shower screens, completely new showers, and tubs are the main potential areas you might want to fix up. You could also add in more storage space during your renovation, which might require you to move bathroom closets or buy some new ones. Once you have figured out these factors, you are ready to get to the tools –and to start renovating!

How to conduct bathroom renovations to get the bathroom design you want - with bathroom renovations Adelaide specialists, bathroom designers, or by yourself

If you are looking to get your bathroom renovations done with us, we offer a wide range of services to help! Whether you want the whole bathroom redone or only want a helping hand, we can talk through the renovation process with you to make sure you know exactly what is happening. If you are going for a specific bathroom design, you may consider talking with specialist bathroom designers to help refine your idea.

However, if you are choosing to pursue your renovations by yourself, we are still ready to be there for you whenever you need help! As mentioned earlier, first you must choose your design and the budget you will be working with. Once you have figured out these small details and chosen the appropriate tools, you are ready to start the process.

If you are doing a full bathroom renovation, you must begin by removing the fixtures you will be replacing during this process. Doing this first will let you start the room with a clean slate – and will free up more space for repairing, cleaning, and installing replacement materials and fixtures. It is recommended to first begin draining and removing the toilet to avoid any water spills. This also lets you sort out any plumbing projects early in the renovation. Then, remove the bath tiles and bathtub. The last fixtures that should be removed are the vanities, mirrors, cabinets, floor tiles, and wall tiles.

Your next step is to install the new plumbing fixtures, such as the shower, sink, or bathtub. However, do not install the toilet yet as this should be your last step. The wiring in the bathroom may need to be adjusted depending on what dimensions these new fixtures have. Your new vanity, for example, might be taller than the previous one and cover your electrical sockets. If this is the case, you need to call an electrician to rework your home’s wiring. Do not attempt to do this yourself, as this can result in unpleasant and dangerous electrical accidents. This situation, however, can easily be avoided if you accurately measure the new fixtures you will be installing before buying them.

Your third step is to install the floor tiles. Before setting down your tiles, use a chalk line so that you have reference lines to work with – otherwise, your tiles may end up slanted or uneven. Keep in mind that you will also have to pour new grout over the tiles. Grout is a necessary part of all tile jobs as it means that no moisture will enter the substrate, keeping the tile lines straight and preventing them from cracking and rubbing against each other. You must make sure you know how to do this job properly. If you are having trouble choosing the right grout for your tiles, decide on whether you want it to blend in or stand out and if the grout is in a dry or wet place. If your grout will be getting wet a lot, it is best to go for synthetic grout.

Next, begin placing the new plasterboard. The plasterboard needs to be in place before you begin painting as this will make the whole process much easier. Also make sure that all the gaps and seems are covered with tape and drywall mud so that you are working on an even, flat surface. Since you are painting in the bathroom, you will need to use paint with a moisture-resistant finish to prevent any mildew and mould from growing.

Once you have finished applying your preferred layers of paint and it has dried, you can begin reinstalling your vanities and cabinets – or installing new ones. First, start with the vanity as you might need to tamper with the sink and faucet. Next, you can begin installing the cabinets, mirrors, and any other furniture you have. You may even consider adding a trim around the vanity if you are going for an aesthetic look.

Finally, if you had to remove any plumbing elements earlier, this is the time to re-install them. It is best to do this step last as it can get quite messy otherwise. Once you have reinstalled the toilet and other plumbing elements, you need to test them out to ensure plumbing is working properly in the bathroom. Keep in mind that if you do experience any issues, it is best to call a plumber than to try and do it yourself.

Now, you are nearly done! All you need to do is work on the small yet vital finishing touches. During this step, you should be putting your window curtains back in place, hanging plants and pictures, installing a trim around the room or mirrors, and completing any other small jobs you might need to. If you are ever stuck on what to add to your bathroom, you can always check out some newly renovated bathroom photos online for inspiration and bathroom solutions ideas. Pay attention to detail, as these small touches can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Tips to remember while doing complete bathroom renovations, home renovations, kitchen renovations, and laundry renovations

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, you might also start looking into other renovation projects such as outdoor renovations or kitchen renovations. Similar to the bathroom renovations process, it all starts by figuring out the styles and budgets that are practical for you. As complete bathroom renovations (Adelaide SA) specialists, we at Adelaide Professional Plumbing are always happy to talk you through your options for bathroom laundry designs, outdoor kitchen designs, and any other renovation projects you may be interested in. We work hard to bring you a vast product range and are proud to run South Australian family owned and operated bathroom renovations in Adelaide. Visit us to see our bathroom showroom that can help you decide on your very own dream bathroom!

While conducting bathroom renovations can be stressful and hard work, it can also be rewarding and cost-effective – as long as you make sure you have all the proper tools and materials you need. Safety supplies may include gloves, goggles, and a safety mask. Tools such as a hammer, tape measure, chisel, and power drill will also prove useful for efficiently renovating your bathroom.

You may need some additional tools depending on the type of bathroom renovation you are planning to do. If you are removing any plumbing fixtures, then you will need a wet-dry shop-vac to suck up any water spills. A cordless drill would also be quite efficient in comparison to the traditional drills as these require extension cords that could instead be used for other tools. Keep in mind that, if you do not have these tools and do not want to buy them, there is always the option of renting the products selected at reasonable prices at Adelaide Professional Plumbing.

If you are still having trouble choosing a bathroom design, it might help to first write down everything you don’t like about your current bathroom or your reasons for renovating it. After doing that, you will have a clearer idea of what you don’t like, which can then be used to help you figure out what you do like.

Also, if you are looking to get some flattering lighting in your bathroom, keep in mind that this will take more than just installing a few lights. Factors such as the size of the bathroom, its current lighting, and the number of mirrors it has will influence how the light moves around. The easiest way to get some good lighting is to have a single diffuse light installed in the ceiling’s centre. However, if your bathroom is already quite bright, you may instead consider using a few wall sconces. If you happen to have your heart set on ceiling-inset downlights, then remember to place these with care. You should avoid placing these over light-coloured countertops as these tend to reflect lights. Instead, placing such lights over a vanity will maximise lighting near the mirror, which can be quite helpful if you use the mirror for applying makeup. A vertical fluorescent light fixture on each side of the mirror may also help in this area.

From start to finish, remember to continue considering where your outlets are placed. The last thing you want to do is to place your mirror so far away from the outlets that your hairdryer and other appliances do not reach it. If you use an electric toothbrush, it is especially important to have a charging outlet near your cabinets. Remember to seek help from an electrician if you need to install new outlets to avoid any accidents.

Also, remember to carefully consider the storage space in your bathroom. A bathroom that is both well-functioning and scenic needs to have good storage space. Always be on the lookout for good storage opportunities; no matter how small or big these storage spaces are. However, always ensure that your storage solutions feel integrated into the space and not simply placed on. An evenly placed shelf or cabinet can make a lot of difference in the overall appearance of the bathroom.

If you have questions surrounding property management or renovating a bathroom in your rental property, it is best to get a bathroom renovation quote to figure out the costs involved. As a future landlord, this can be a great decision as a fresh bathroom will allow you to set a higher monthly rental fee and minimise the chances of your rental property just sitting around on the market. If you consider selling this rental property in the future, you also have a good chance of recouping 50-80% of the cost you have paid for the project.

Also, when you are looking at different types of tiles for your bathroom, there are a few key varieties that will be especially suited for use in bathroom areas. These include natural stone, glass, porcelain, cement, and subway tiles. These tiles are quite long-wearing and hardy in comparison to other types of tiles, which is what makes them so great for installing in the shower stalls, walls, and floors.